Friday, November 16, 2012

Sandy sees Seashells by the Seashore

Well, Sandy is on an island, a moderately sized island mind you. He's an old hand at Mexico seashores, but is looking forward to checking out a different type of seashore. But first we have to get there... which involves a 15 minute walk.
 This inukshuk is pointing the way... hmmm... if you squint a bit, it almost looks like a little bear!
 This is part of the trail that we have to take.
 It looks pretty well marked...
Except where it is covered by monster maple leaves! Sandy has never seen so any maple leaves in his entire life!
Oh and then there are ferns as well... these are sword ferns and Sandy is amazed at how big they are!
Hello? What's this?? Somebody has lost a helmet... it fits Sandy (sort of) but he is not (NOT) permitted to ride motorbikes.
There we go!! A stairway down to the beach... er... seashore. It doesn't have any sand - but is mostly a pebble beach - like the one in Brighton!
 With some big rocks and stuff as well.
 But there are still seashells here. Some clams and mussels and an oyster shell (the one in the middle). Sandy has visions of finding pearls washed up on the seashore but Mama says these oysters might not make pearls...
 Look at all of the maple leaves!
 Wheee!!! An amazing amount of maple leaves... but very wet... so Sandy is not able to walk through making swish-swish noises... more like squelch-squelch noises!
 What's around this corner?? You never know what you might find...
Hmmm... a broken chair... definitely not expecting that!
 Hey what is this?? It doesn't look like a regular sea shell and Mama says it is a crab shell!
This tree looks kind of funky... all carved up with tracks of something. Mama says this log was probably in the ocean for a while and got eaten by some type of sea worm (ick). But it looks beary pretty!


  1. Great seashore photos Sandy, and we love the rhyme beary much! Soon we'll be digging out our winter coats and Ben and you will be twins! hehe

  2. Winter coats! Oh boy... where's the snow?? We could have a snowball fight soon... green team vs. red team! Except you better ship us some snow... unless we do the warm weather version of a snowball fight... called water balloon fight... heh-heh! I need a raincoat and gum boots first though!

  3. Snowball fight! We don't have snow yet either.

  4. Oh ok... I'll do a little snow dance up there and maybe some will filter your way. Or I could tell the geese to pack their suitcase with some for you!

  5. Well, we still have LOTS of Canadian tourists and they fly right over our house. There are several corn and other fields right near our house, and they enjoy stopping there for a little light snack before continuing their trip. No one seems to be checking passports though, but I'm sure they have all their paperwork in order. Jerry and Ben keep shouting "Do you know our pal Sandy?" but they only reply "honk, honk", which we think means "um, no, we don't think so".

  6. @Jerry & Ben - Well... I keep calling to them "Can you guys say "Hi" to my pals Jerry & Ben down south??" and they honk back... But I think all that they hear is "Jerry... Ben..." and they think I am talking about ice cream!