Sunday, November 25, 2012

One month countdown

Sandy's one-year anniversary as a little blogger bear is coming up on December 25... one month from today! That was when Sandy started his year of daily adventures.

Awww... he was such a young bear back then! Still wet behind the ears, a nameless, novice adventurer... and now... well now, Sandy is a veteran adventurer... He's been to England, Germany, Mexico and Winnipeg (many times).

He also has some ideas for the new year...

1. Get some new outfits!

2. Get a pedicure, a manicure, a facial and a haircut! Sandy has gotten kind of grizzled over the last year and feels like he needs some pampering to restore his fur.

3. Slow down on the daily adventures. Adventures every two or three or four days are just fine! (Mama had a wee bit of trouble keeping up with daily adventure postings!)

4. Sandy would like to be able to write some of the postings himself (oh boy...) - like Bob T. Bear and Beanie and Hammie and Sullivan and... quite a few other blogger pals! Maybe he should take typing lessons...

We'll see how many of these wish-items can be fulfilled by Christmas!


  1. We started out making a post almost every day but that didn't last for long... We would like to post more often than we do now though.... Time seems to slip through our fingers lately. And wintertime ( I know it's still autumn but I mean daylight saving time we call it wintertime overhere )doesn't help much, we leave for work in the dark and when we come back it's dark too... That doesn't help taking pictures on the way home... Just hope that your Mom doesn't give up helping you, we would miss your posts a lot! It makes us travel with you in our heads, even if we are right here at home after work :-) !

  2. Yes... dark at both ends of the day makes life challenging! Here, the sun doesn't wake up until 7 am and goes to bed at 4 pm. But only one more month and it will start to get better! Mama is going to continue taking pictures! I am almost as good as a dog!! You know - you have to get outside to take the dog for a walk... Mama has to get outside to take the little bear for a walk! Heh-heh... and she doesn't have to clean up after me on the walk either!

  3. Almost one year as a blogger! Congratulations! We think a party--with lots of honey--is in order!

    Lots of posts is hard to do, Hammie and Gea are right, but we try now to make a new post every 2-3 weeks, sometimes a little more frequent when we have less to do.