Thursday, November 1, 2012

Of Coconuts and other things

Yes... sunrise!! Sandy has been getting up beary early every morning... in order to enjoy the "cool" of the day.
 It's a nice sunrise again...
 The sand is very nice here too... it is very... well... sandy!! heh-heh! (But not Hurricane Sandy... that is not beary nice).
 Let's see... first some suntanning... and then...
 Well, maybe some cute pictures of a relaxed bear on a palm tree...
 Actually... they are really coconut trees...
 And look... there are two coconuts on the ground!!
 Whoops... make that three! Where did that one come from??
 Ah! Sandy jumps from fright as a fourth one lands behind him...
 Guess this is not a great place to stand! The coconuts must be ripe!
 But on this tree, the coconuts are not ripe... they look like really big acorns... hey!
 There's a baby coconut!! That's like that funny thing Sandy found on the beach on his beachcombing adventure... it was a itty bitty coconut.
 Oh hey - there are dinosaurs here too! Well, at least iguanosaurs!
 And evidence of times gone by... an old anchor completely crusted with corals...
And old guns from the Spaniards. Whew... whose idea was it to go for a little trek during the heat of the day?? Ugh!


  1. I love that picture with the palmtree! And coconuts are very yummie! But not when they fall on your head! Take good care of yourself please!

  2. Nice photos Sandy! Papa uses cocount to make cookies during Christmas time, but we suppose it might be too difficult for you to bring back a dozen or so cocounts so that we could surprise him....hehehe It's probably best that we get our cocount at the grocery store.

  3. @Hammie - coconuts are definitely yummy... especially in drinks! I'm learning to give the trees a wide berth as you never know when one is going to decide to jump!

    @Jerry & Ben - mmm... I'm already going to have a load of sunshine in my luggage to sprinkle over the midwest... probably no room for coconuts! Oh, and I have my sombearo to pack too!

  4. We found a red maple leaf in our little yard today, right near the front door. Ben figures that one of those flying Canadian tourists dropped it and it's a beary nice hello from our pal Sandy! It might not be, but we'll let Ben think it is anyway.

  5. Well, if it was yellow, maybe! There are tonnes of geese here and lots of yellow maple leaves. It's tricky to get them to sit still though... especially when a little bear runs up, waving a maple leaf wildly!