Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mail Call!

Yesterday, Sandy saw two eagles in a tree and thought... maybe... just maybe... they were carrier-eagles from Jerry & Ben!! So today he was beary excited to check the mail. But checking the mail here is different from at home. You don't just open the door and check the mail box... No... first you have to walk down the driveway and along the road...
 And up a hill... almost there!!!
 And if you're a little bear, you might get distracted by pretty bramble leaves!
 Before you reach... the Canada Post mailbox containers...
 And you need to remember to bring hte mailbox key... Sandy was on top of that!
 Ohhh... there is mail in there!!! Looks like a Safeway flyer and... and...
 And a letter!!!! Ahhhh!!!!! For Sandy... from... Jerry & Ben!!!
 Yay!!!... It was a white envelope and Sandy ripped it open with excitement...
 Inside was another envelope!!! Which Sandy also tore into...

Ohhh.... a birthday card!!! Awww... They sent Sandy a "little hug"...
 Thanks Jerry & Ben!!! The card is bigger even than Sandy's hug... beautiful self-portraits too!


  1. Yeah! So glad the card arrived--we hired an American bald eagle to deliver to you, but we think he must have taken a long detour, or maybe stopped to visit some Canadian friends along the way, cause it took a little longer than we expected.

  2. @Jerry & Ben - Well, there is still quite a bit of construction going on... so a detour is a definite possibility!