Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Into the depths of Honeycomb Rocks

A few days ago, Sandy discovered a weird type of rock weathering called "honeycomb erosion". Now, that might be the official name for it... but what Sandy really wants to know if it has anything to do with real honeycombs... like the honey ones! So... we are on a different beach, same rocks and Sandy is ready to explore.
 Yup, there are definitely some honeycomb features here... big ones and little ones!
 Let's see... so far, Sandy sees no evidence of honey or honeycombs, but the hunt is early yet.

And this is Sandy we are talking about - a whole-hearted little bear who dives into adventure with both feet. And who crawls into honeycomb holes with as much of his as will fit. No honey though.

 These ones look a bit too small - but that means that they are easy to check out. No honey at all... sigh.

Oooh!! There's another big rock with some really big honeycomb holes. Let's check it out.

Hmm... no bees going in and out, but that doesn't mean too much.

Sandy is determined to do a thorough exploration of these holes... so up he scrambles.

And there he goes... head-first into the honeycomb hole...

It's a good thing he has pants on, otherwise he would be mooning everyone!

Wow... looking at the whole from the top down... you can hardly see Sandy at all! He tucks into that hole pretty good... Any honey in there???

"Erp... no mom... erf... but... erm..squirm... Can you help me out???"

What about this one?? There is an opening connecting one big hole to another (see Sandy's nose poking through?).
Sandy put a stick through the opening... but definitely no honey. He can safely report to Jerry that there is no honey in the honeycomb rocks!

Oh all right... time to watch the sunset!


  1. No honey?!? I think we better call those rocks No-honeycomb rocks then. Unless, many other bears were there first and claimed all the honey? Jerry has to think about it some more.

  2. Or... maybe the high tide washes the honey out every day?? I should look at some honeycomb rocks that are above high tide!

  3. Those honeycomb rocks kind of look like fossils.

  4. @Buttons - they do look kind of funky... Mama says there are fossils around somewhere, but we haven't found any yet.