Monday, November 26, 2012

Higher Education?

Today was our last day in Vancouver (for a few  days at least) and Mama needed to visit the library up at the university.
Sandy thinks maybe he should come here and study something some day... maybe writing!
Anyhow - we are here on serious business and Sandy helps Mama find the correct newspaper microfilm for today's little expedition. Sandy has to keep remembering he is in a library (shhhh) and can't run wildly up and down the aisles going "BOO!" at people...
Oh there we go... Mama found what she needed quickly... with enough time to catch the bus back with the same transfer ticket (bonus!).

And then... Do you see it??? Next to the dental centre??? Yup... it's time for a hot chocolate break... ahhhh... civilization! (The picture is crooked because Mama was trotting and Sandy was getting jostled around as he tried to push the camera button)


  1. We like to go to the library too, but we prefer to play hide and seek in all of the stacks of books. Sandy has such soft books on though, we be he doesn't make much noise walking between the shelves.

  2. Hide and Seek is fun if you have someone to seek you... Mama buries her head in the books and ignores me... sniffle! But you are right... my boots are super soft and I am a stealthy ninja bear!