Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho it's up the mountain we go.

Sandy is so excited today. We are going on a serious hike up a mountain! Taking the easy trail but still...
It's not very hard to find the start of the trail...
 And the start of the trail does look fairly gentle. Sandy is impatient to get going!
 Whoa!! There were some big trees here at some point!
Sandy is a bit stymied by some of the stream crossings... they are quite doable for humans with their long legs... but a bit of a challenge for a little bear with short legs!
But the moisture also means there are thick meadows of moss everywhere... we could all just take a nap here! Might get a bit damp though!
 Grumble, grumble... more water! This time it's actually flowing down the trail. Sandy is thinking he should be wishing for rubber boots for Christmas!
 But this time, he manages to clamber around the flooded trail. He is a resourceful little bear! Neither stream nor puddle nor creek will stop this bear from his appointed rounds as a serious little trail hiker!
 Another puddle!!! This one looks quite wide... but Sandy can find a way around.
 Just a bit of balancing required... careful up there!
 From his high vantage point, Sandy spies something funny on one of the trees. What is it??
 Oooh!! It's a little door!! A bit worn but still recognizable. Sandy learns that it is a fairy door... there are fairies out here?? He better keep his eyes open!
 I think we're getting close to the top of the mountain!
 Wait... what's that over there in the trees? Just above Sandy's head! Do you see it?? Is it a fairy?
 Nope... just a deer with some antlers. Cool!
Almost there... almost there... those little legs have had to work beary hard on this hike!
Sandy is speechless... what a view! He can practically see the north pole from here (well maybe not).
 It's also a long way down... a long way down... But there are some ledges down there... don't lose your balance Sandy!
Sandy is beary thirsty after his hike... and look at this... there is a stone bowl with water in it! It is dedicated to someone's dog... who probably loved coming up here.
 Phew... time to sit down and enjoy the view. Sandy isn't sure how his wobbly little legs are going to carry him down the mountain but...
Mama eventually relents and lets him hitch a ride on her shoulder...


  1. Ooooooh! What a lovely walk you had!!! I love the view! And the dog remembering drinking stone! Great idea! I would have loved to take this walk with you and your mom, and G. says that she would have liked that too! To bad that we don't have a sa bear tical or a hamster something... We have to go to work every day. We do walk then, for half an hour, and at our lunch break half an hour and then after school half an hour, so we do walk a lot, but the view is the same every day.... Houses, pavement, shops.... But also a lot of people we got to know because we walk, they work in their gardens or come home when we pass by... So we have nice little talks on our way :-) ! That's nice too!

  2. We love nature hikes too Sandy! The landscapes are just beautiful! Was anyone at home at that green door? Maybe they were all out playing.

  3. @Hammie - Having been stuck inside because of rain for a few days... I think any chance for a walk is great! It is true that pavement does get boring after a while... and hard on the paws/feet! But making new friends is fun too!

    @Jerry & Ben - No... nobody at home at the green door. The jury is still out as to whether elves live there or fairies. I think it could be little bears too! Or hamsters!

  4. Well, if were a hamster, I think the door would be red....hehe

  5. @Hammie - I think the idea of a red door is great! Even better than a red carpet!