Thursday, November 8, 2012

Final Leg of the Journey

The last leg of our journey to the West Coast! See those little ferries down there... well, we're geting on one of those!
 Like this one. They hold way less cars and people but it's the only way to get to some of the smaller islands.
 Yay! We made it onto the little ferry.
Pretty soon we'll be leaving the dock, and the weather cooperated as well. It went from showery weather to beautiful sunny skies.
Sandy has to have a look around and wants to give the ship's bell a ring but... Mama's not sure if that might signal an emergency (like "bear overboard"!) so Sandy keeps his little paws to himself.
 And we're off!!
 Look at that... there's a buoy out there with all sorts of sea birds on it (they are hard to see in the picture).
 And the waves made by the boat are kind of cool too.
 Oh, we're getting close, which means we need to go back to the truck and get ready.
 And then there is a longish car ride and... we are here!!
 Sandy is beary excited to have the long journey behind him... and is ready to check out this place called "Paradise".
What's that on the door??
Oh my goodness... it's a door for little bears!!! Sandy thinks that this place is going to work out just fine for the next few months!


  1. Ooooh! How cool is that!!! Your own real door! I'm going to ask G. If I can do that too! Where is the saw?

  2. You've got YOUR OWN FRONT DOOR??? NOW I WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. @Hammie - Well, some people have cat doors in their real doors, so why not bear doors... or hamster doors!

    @Beanie - Come on over! We'll roll out the red carpet... er... red door for you!

  4. Wow, a special door just for Sandy! and it's Hammie red! So fun!

    psst. (did you get the halloween prize box?)

  5. And it has an inside part too... but Mama hasn't gotten around to taking pictures of that yet!

    (the halloween prize box didn't arrive before we left but... Maphew will make sure it gets to me - as long as he doesn't eat it all - you know how dogs can be!)

  6. Knowing your love of flowers, it's as if they made that door for you bearsonally. So cool!

  7. @Buttons - beary cool and a complete surprise too!