Friday, November 2, 2012

City of Wind

 A bit choppy on the water this morning - but another beautiful sunrise... and today it is off to the ancient Mayan city of Tulum...
It is gorgeous!
 That building in behind Sandy is an old astronomical observatory.
There is lots to explore here. This was a big port for the Mayans and was also called the City of Dawn, because they probably get the bestest sunrises!
 And lots to avoid as well! Those are beary big cacti!
 These are the front steps of an old Mayan house... not much more left of it!
 There were also some Mayan dancers on a big pole. We waited and waited but they kept coiling their ropes and letting them run out again... guess it takes a while to get prepared for a dance. They spin around the pole as they go down on their ropes. But we didn't wait around for that... because our beach loungers were calling our names.
 Other than suntanning... there is lots to do on the beach - like read books... The Tao of Pooh says to go with the flow...
 If you're waterproof (like humans), you can also go in the water... that's Mama way out there...
And this is Sandy's reading list compared with Mama's... Little bears have little reading lists!


  1. G. reads books of Jody Picoult too! :-)

  2. You're seeing some beary nice things on your trip Sandy! Thanks for sharing your photos with everyone. We hope to get back to Mexico again some day.

  3. @Hammie - Mama just discovered them... they are beary good!

    @Jerry & Ben - Of course! I gave Mama a list of "must-see things"... have to have some adventures you know!