Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Foggy Morning

It was beary foggy when Sandy crawled out of bed this morning. It was also beautiful and so he dragged Mama down to the dock to take some photographs. There were a tonne of Canadian Tourists hanging around on the water. Several of them flew by in a big gaggle and Sandy jumped up and down and asked them to say to Jerry & Ben & Buttons when they arrived down south!
 And the fog makes the hillsides look particularly amazing... There were no eagles out this morning but down on the lawn...
 There was a bunny and a bunch of quail!! Cool!
And of course the chickens... they are our neighbours... every morning the rooster crows before the sun gets up...

Once the fog burned off, it turned into a nice day and Sandy clamoured for an adventure.
We tried a different beach today... this is the path that leads to it.
 Oohh... there is a boat here!
But this one looks like it got stuck between a log and the rocks and got smooshed to smithereens.
 This is a sandy beach... heh-heh... sandy... hah-hah!! Hmmm... anyhow... a beach with more sand than some of the other ones and it also has a bunch of sea lettuce or something... slimey green seaweed that looks like really limp romaine lettuce. Oh wait... wikipedia says sea lettuce is NOT seaweed... it is actually a type of green algea! Ewww... but apparently it is quite edible... hmmm...
 After slithering through the sea lettuce, Sandy decided it would be nice to just sit on a log and enjoy the view... Mama thought that was a brilliant idea too...
 And an outing wouldn't be complete without an adventure. Sandy insisted (as only a little bear can) of jumping out to a little rock island...
This rock has all sorts of holes in it... it is called (somebody sit on Jerry right now!)... honeycomb weathering!! Yes... but it has nothing to do with honey!! Just a strange type of erosion, but it looks beary pretty. And... Sandy managed to stay out of the water today!


  1. Thanks! Apparently I take after Mama in terms of attracting water and dirt!

  2. We think we did hear a couple of those Canadian tourists say hello to us, Ben thinks they honked "hello, eh" to us. Jerry things that all the little droppings in the open corn field right next to our house are the tourists way of saying that they feel right at home...Ben is not so sure.

  3. Jerry says "honeycomb rock?" ...I'll be RIGHT over!!!

  4. @Jerry & Ben - Make sure you come at low tide otherwise it'll all be under water!