Saturday, November 10, 2012

A First Look-see at the Water

Sandy's pretty excited about his new place and was eager to go down to the shoreline and have a look around.
It's a great view, even on a cloudy day... and with a bit of help, Sandy gets the gate open and toddles off.
Whew... a few wide stairs and then a long trek across the grass.
Look at this... there are tonnes of blackberry plants down here... but the berries look kind of squoochy... ick.
Oooohhhh... a kayak!!! And a dock!
And a tonne of fallen leaves too... so much for a little bear to focus on!
Sandy might get to go for a kayak ride at some point... wouldn't that be cool! Anybody have a life-jacket for a little bear??
And the dock looks pretty solid too.
Ah... a great place to contemplate and think deep bear thoughts.
Sandy looked down... the water doesn't look very deep...
Sandy looked up and saw... can you see it?? Way up on the tree in front of Sandy's head?
It's... it's a bald eagle!!
That makes Sandy think of his pals Jerry & Ben and Buttons, because they live in the States and that is their national symbol!
A very good place to sit! Who knows what else might come by...


  1. What a beary beautiful location Sandy! Your Mom is really going to enjoy writing and relaxing. That nice looking bald eagle is indeed a visiting American tourist--they sometimes agree to deliver letters (like the owls in Harry Potter)--so we'll see if we can hire one to deliver some letters to you!

  2. That would be great!! I've tried to get this one to come down and take a postcard from my paws but... he is even more skittish than the Canada Geese! The other day he had his friends over for a visit and there were 4 bald eagles!!

  3. Oh gosh! They must be delivering a lot of letters and postcards!

    Jerry and Ben were a little worried that Sandy wouldn't have enough honey on the sa-bear-ti-cal; Ben wants to send a care package, but Jerry said they'd better ask Sandy about it first!

  4. A care package??!! Wow - that would be beary nice!!

    Did you know there is not a single Starbucks on this island?? Mama is going into hot chocolate withdrawal! We are sitting in a local coffee shop right now and the hot chocolate is "blech"!

  5. No Starbucks!!! Papa would not be very happy.

    1. I know... Mama says she is going to be doing regular trips to Vancouver to get her fix of Starbucks!

  6. Do you have a coffee maker there? Papa usually makes his starbucks at home, and there are 3 kinds of yummy creamers in the fridge (mocha mint, praline pecan, and belgian chocolate)--hehe

  7. Mama has never developed a taste for coffee unfortunately. It can make for awkward social encounters:
    "Would you like a coffee?" says host or hostess.
    "No thanks, I don't drink coffee."
    "How about a tea?" says host/hostess.
    "No thanks, I don't drink tea either."
    "errr..." says host/hostess.
    "ummm... just some water then, thanks" says Mama...

    Hot chocolate is her thing!

  8. Sandy your new temporary digs look marvelous!

    I'm wondering if Mr. American Bald Eagle and his friends are trying out a new American large bird/ Canadian water fowl exchange program. Hee hee! Somehow, I think there are way more water fowl participants.

    Sorry there are no starbucks there. :( Think of that as part of the sabaticle and a way to save $$. :)

  9. @Buttons - thanks, they are pretty nice! The bird exchange begins to make a bit of sense... it seems to be 500 Canada Geese to 1 eagle though! We have more geese to send your way as well! The no-Starbucks thing not only saves $$ but also helps reduce the waistline!