Sunday, June 10, 2012

Splish Splash... not quite taking a bath...

Today is a windy, cool, wet day and Sandy isn't going to be getting out for a walk anytime soon. Thunderstorms appear out of nowhere and he has yet to find a rain coat that fits him. So... he's relegated to exploring his back garden... which isn't very big! But... it does have one very interesting feature... a fountain!
It's perfectly set up for a little bear to explore as well... The fountain has four levels... and the water starts off in the bottom level... where there is a mysterious pump...
 The pump forces the water up and up and up... all the way to the top... where the water comes out of a pipe (underneath the rocks... otherwise it would be a geyser!)...
So the top level fills so that it spills out the slot and then it fills up the next level until that one spills out... and so on...
Sandy was hoping that some birds would come and have a bath or a drink there... but maybe the metal bird is scaring them away? Or maybe it's just so wet out there that the birds don't need to look for water in a little bear's back garden? Sandy loves the fountain... it sounds so soothing... although he does have to go to the bathroom more frequently than normal!


  1. Those are great planters Sandy, and we love the stones and running water! What a great idea!

  2. That is a nice fountain! We don't have water in our garden, only a bowl with rainwater where Poes, the cat that lives here drinks from when she is outside.