Friday, June 15, 2012

Roaming the Badlands

Sandy loves the view of the badlands as seen in Horseshoe Canyon. The colours are very beautiful and everything looks very green and lush because there's been lots of rain lately. Despite that, it is very warm out today and if Sandy's going to go down into the canyon for a hike, he'd better make sure to cover up otherwise he'll get a sunburn and look more like Hammie Hamster! Luckily Sandy has a long-sleeved coat and a hat to protect him from the blazing sun.
So... now what... well, Sandy doesn't really have a specific goal in mind, other than to do some exploring and adventuring. Mind you, there is a sign that says "Be careful... snakes... and you can get lost very, very easily". (Well, the sign didn't say that exactly, but you get the gist of it).
Sandy can see some trails down there... so he figures if he stays on those, it will be harder to get lost... he hopes! And down the embankment he goes... and into the badlands...
Holy moly it's hot down there! And the rock formations are very interesting. Sandy learns that just a few kilometres away, they discovered dinosaurs in this type of rock! Ooohhh... dinosaurs... that sounds exciting! But for the moment, Sandy has to keep his attention focused on the stuff in front of him. These rock formations are a tough scramble for a little bear.
They are very gullied and worn down by the rain, and... well... Sandy has to keep his eyes on where he's going otherwise he might climb himself into a corner!
Plus, the rain has made the clay-rock very brittle and crumbly... hmm... but up he goes... up and up and up... grabbing whatever paw and foot-holds he can,, until finally... Sandy stands on top of the outcrop!
Whew... that was quite the climb. And now he's standing on some harder rocks which are a bit more solid underfoot. But that was only the first climb, there are more to come!


  1. Badlands! That's not too far from where we live...we think. We hope you're having a good time! And yes, wear your sunblock or you will look like Hammie, hehe.

  2. Hi guys! Yes, having a great time... hot though. Do you have Badlands where you live too? Speaking of where you live... did you ever get my mailing address that Mama sent to you? I'm not very good with numbers and those convoluted postal code thingies!

  3. Wow– Sandy!! I seems that we Both do So Many Similar things in Life. We are Fortunate to have Excellent Adventures.

    My Daddy Likes Canada and Canadians a Lot, Sandy – ever since he Visited Toronto and Montreal a few Years back. Such Polite, Bright, Kindly People! *Like YOU!*

    P.S. Just for Fun... Daddy says: Visit and See how Many Activities that we have Both Shared amongst our 45 stories.

  4. Thanks Ryan!
    I've never been east of the Badlands... yet! But I have been to London England! My Mama has been to San Francisco, which she liked a lot... oh, and Yellowstone... and Craters of the Moon in Idaho (I think - I'm not very good at geographies)...

    I'm relatively new to the bear blog scene so it's very exciting to make new friends who share common interests! I loved your plan story and the very professional aviator outfit you had on!

  5. That looks like a place where Harr could make a lot of nice puctures too! Harr and G. Both like to take pictures. They have photo blogs, just like I have my own blog! You can see them in the side bar of my blog if you want to see their pictures...