Thursday, June 28, 2012


Oh my goodness... well, if you think you've seen Alexander Mackenzie Bear excited before... you ain't seen nothing. He's been hanging around the mailbox, waiting for a postcard from his pals Jerry and Ben. Well... coming home after a trip to the Badlands, Sandy was holding vigil again at the mailbox.
He does have patience... you have to give him that! Mama takes her time getting the mail and most days, there are just bills and other things for Mama-type people. And Sandy will look in the mailbox and walk away dejected.
But today... today was different! Today there was a postcard in the mailbox!!
Oooohhh... a postcard from Ohio!! With the most beautiful red cardinals on it! Wow... who could it be from?? Who could it be for?? Well... yes, it is for Sandy!
Is that a happy bear face or what? Those are the most beautiful red birds... Sandy doesn't see a lot of red, so he's absolutely entranced with it! And yes... it is from his pals Jerry and Ben!
They were on a trip with their Papa to Ohio... they even drew a little picture of themselves! Sandy is fit to burst! And, being the little bear that he is, he wants to know where Ohio is! Mama thinks it's somewhere in the mid-West... but Sandy wants to see for himself. So off to Google Maps he goes...
There's Ohio (the green spot in the lower right) and there's Sandy (the green spot in the upper left). That's a very long ways away (over 3000 km or... ummm... about 2000 miles)! And Ohio is actually much farther east that Mama thought...
Mama would have put it on the map more where Nebraska is! Ah well, Canadians have it easy with only 10 provinces and two (now three) territories). Sandy doesn't think he's going to try memorizing all of the states and their locations on the map... At least now he knows where Ohio is... and that they have beautiful red birds there! Hooray!!! Sandy might have to look at the post card again...


  1. Glad you enjoyed the postcard Sandy! We're back home after a short road trip (blog entry coming soon), then we're off again for another trip! We love your flower photos; you must see a lot of bees! Bees are good because they make honey, and we know you like honey too!

  2. Yes... love honey! We were driving today and a bee came in the car - which was not as much fun though. Mama stopped the car and let the bee out. I wanted to follow it to the honey-comb but Mama wouldn't let me!