Sunday, June 24, 2012

A little bear meets a large (very large) dinosaur

All this trekking through the badlands has finally brought Sandy to his ultimate destination... Drumheller... home to the World's Largest Dinosaur! It's not a "real" dinosaur... but it sure is big!
From every angle... it just looks big... It has a very big head... and big teeth. Although it's front arms are a tad small compared to the rest of it!
Mind you... it has very big toes... errr... claws!
Can you see Sandy perched on the dinosaur toe? Yes... very big toe... which makes Sandy wonder, "who gives a dinosaur a pedicure?" Mind you... Sandy discovered that if he backed up far enough...
Not quite far enough... back a bit more... and a bit more... then Mama could take a picture which made the dinosaur look not quite so big!
Or rather... it made Sandy look bigger than he actually is... except he still looks small compared to the dinosaur. But then... there were some other dinosaurs that weren't quite so intimidating. This one, for instance, doesn't look half so scarey (or so big)!
For one thing... it doesn't have any teeth, just a big beak! Which means it was a plant-eater and wouldn't have been interested in munching on little bears!
Plus... it looks like it even lets people kiss it (see the lip marks on the beak?)...
Sandy isn't going to smooch the dinosaur though... might get germs!


  1. Gosh Sandy, those are some BEARY BIG dinosaurs. We're kinda glad they're not stomping through our neighborhood today!