Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fur Trading Post

Sandy had a bit of temper tantrum today. Just a little one... and it was fairly well justified it seems. All through the Badlands, there are historical museums, heritage parks and the like. A few days ago, Sandy saw a recreation of First Nations teepees. That was interesting and exciting. But today... Mama wasn't thinking clearly when she took him to... a Fur Trading Post. It all start innocently enough. From the outside and the inside, it looked like a fort of some kind, and Sandy thought it was a cavalry fort or something.
There was a gate that could be looked, and watch towers to protect the fort from attack.
The doors to the fort were very thick and strong... a little bear could even park himself on them!
All of this was great fun and Sandy was having a great time... until he went into one of the buildings. It was very dark in there and it took a while for his eyes to get accustomed to the gloom. And then he saw them... fur pelts pinned to the walls, hanging off of the rafters, stacked on the shelves. Beaver, fox, wolf, mink, muskrat, deer, moose and... Bear!! Oh dear... a very unhappy little bear... He was ready to attack (bears do attack when provoked)... but no one seemed all that frightened of this little bear. Sandy rushed outside and saw the perfects solution...
Alas, this tiny little canyon wasn't in operating order (good thing)... and Sandy was left to stamp his feet and growl fearsomely (grrr)... Now he knows where those guards in London England get their funny hats from! Poor Sandy...
He's usually such a pacifist bear and just a few weeks ago was completely perplexed by the idea of war. After he has calmed down, Sandy is a bit ashamed of himself for getting so angry and having a temper tantrum about the fur pelts (can you see him blushing?). He'd like to apologize!


  1. Nice adventure again! We like your travels!

  2. Wonderful adventure! It's fun to play fort with some friends!