Monday, June 25, 2012

The dangers of Christmas in June

Well... today is June 25 and Sandy has had exactly 6 months of adventures! He's still a very young bear, with not a lot of experience under his belt. So on this day, he can be forgiven for getting a bit confused. He was walking along when he saw white and fluffy stuff... "snow!" he cried with delight and raced forward to frolic in it (he is a winter bear after all).
Except it wasn't quite snow... it was cottonwood fluffs! A lot of them... and they were soft and fluffy, but definitely not snow. Sandy was momentarily disappointed but then had fun chasing little tumbleweeds of fluff around. But that distracted him from the bigger picture of the world around him and... well...
Sandy felt a big snuffling of air and gulped a bit... uh-oh... another dinosaur! And this one was a bit more interested in Sandy than the smooched dinosaur from yesterday.
"Help!" cried Sandy. Hmmm... at least this dinosaur doesn't have teeth. Mama doesn't seem too worried though so Sandy doesn't know whether to shriek in terror or giggle madly because the dinosaur is tickling him!
And then... the dinosaur opened its mouth and deposited Sandy neatly on... a baby dinosaur!!
Ride 'em cowboy bear! Sandy is quite excited at this. He's pretty sure that not everyone gets to ride a dinosaur every day... particularly given the signs nearby!
But that is clearly a sign that applies to humanoid's not to little bears! What an adventure... Sandy is excited to have made some dinosaur friends... and he learns that they are distantly related to his pal Eldritch the Dragon (cool!).
Sandy also learns that these dinosaurs are more "accurate" than the ones he saw yesterday. These ones are outside the world famous Royal Tyrrell Museum (of Palaeontology)... which Sandy is going to explore with gusto tomorrow! Are there dinosaurs where you live??


  1. Happy 6 months of adventures Sandy! We look forward to seeing lots more of them!

  2. I'm glad that there Re no dinosaurs here! They scare me! I think you are very brave to get so near to them!