Monday, June 18, 2012

Climbing the Stone Tower

Sometimes the weirdest things appear just around the corner. Sandy was happily scampering through the dusty badlands, having all sorts of adventures when... he saw this... a tower of stone!At first he thought it might be a natural rock formation, but closer examination (and some help from Mama) soon convinced him, it was a human-made structure. And, as we all know, bears love to climb!
And fall... (although they don't love that as much as the climbing!)
And get up... and climb again...
Higher and higher... not a good time to fall now Sandy!
More than half way up already!! Way to go Sandy!
And finally the top!! Wow... that was quite the climb... but as with most climbs, Sandy has just discovered that climbing up is far easier than climbing down... hmmm...
"Mama!! Help!!"... Maybe Sandy needs to start using ropes so that he can rappel down again after some of his climbs! At least he had a great view from up there!


  1. Wow! You are a very good climber! I'm going to eat stones, pebblestones! No, I'm not ill or confused, if you read my post you'll understand! :-)

  2. Wow, all the way to the top Sandy! That's quite a climb! Were you scared to climb down? Ben doesn't like heights so much, but Jerry would have climbed right up there with you!

  3. @Hammie - for sure I will check it out!
    @Jerry & Ben - It was very tall!! Taller than Mama. It took a lot longer to come down than to go up. The trick is, don't look down!

  4. That looks very scary, but it would be fun to get to the top, but I think Papa would have to help us down because Ben does not really like heights too much. You sure were brave!