Friday, June 29, 2012

Bees and Poppies!

Oh my goodness... Sandy was practically beside himself today! For weeks now, he's been fixated on some pictures that Jerry and Ben posted on their blog... pictures of huge, bright red flowers called poppies. They are sooooo beautiful. And Sandy has been a tad jealous and sad that he doesn't live in a place with poppies like that... sniff. But today... today... Sandy was walking down the sidewalk and happened to look down a back alley where he saw this...
Oh my goodness... poppies! Bright red poppies. They attracted Sandy like a bee is attracted to honey (or like a bear is attracted to honey)!
They are so beautiful... Sandy can't quite get enough of them after seeing so many white and yellow flowers!
But the poppies don't just attract little bears... they do also attract bees!!
Can you see the bee in the flower?? Sandy better be careful or he might end up sitting on a bee! And where there are bees... there must be honey (yum)!
Here's a better picture of the bee... Sandy tried to follow the bees to their hive, but they kept flying over fences which he couldn't scale. Poor Sandy!

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