Monday, June 11, 2012

An Award from my friend Hammie!

My friend Hammie the Hamster received this award from his friend Eldritch the Dragon... and, since Hammie is very generous, he passed it on to his own friends (of which I am one...) so... now I just have to answer some questions...

1.My favourite number:
is... 10 because it's easy to remember.

2.My favourite non-alcoholic drink:
is... hot chocolate because it's comforting.

3.Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter:
ugh... not Twitter... so only Facebook because my Tumblr or Flickr posts go there too...

4.My passion:
Adventures, hiking, photography, bike riding, genealogy, picking flowers.

5.My favourite pattern:
Mmmm... plaid... because it's very Canadian!

6.My favourite day of the week:
Saturday... because I can go for a nice long hike and have many adventures.

 7.My favourite flowers:
Lily of the Valley, Lilacs, Freesias, Tulips (very beautiful), Queen's Cup (a wild flower).

If any of my friends want to receive the award, I bequeath it unto them!


  1. It's good to meet new friends from getting an award. It's nice to meet you. Thank you for coming to my blog.

  2. Sorry yu hav had trubbol to befrend me! I keep trying to 'follow' yu but it comes up wiv my Mummy's blog log on, not mine, even wen it's ME that's logged in!!! It's very annoying wen it duzz this! But I will keep trying.

    Also, I hav tryd to find yor blog via yor profile pic, I meen, pressing yor nayme or pik wen yu hav left me messidges on my blog, but altho it goze to yor profile it duzzent giv a link to yor blog thare.

    I think wat yu need to do is this- sine in, go to or profile, clik 'edit profile' an then thare is a bit ware yu can 'confirm wich blogs yu want peepol to see' an yu hav to tik this blog, an that way wen peepol reech yor profile they will see a link to yor blog.

    Im sorry if yu alreddy noe this, I thort I better poynt it owt in cayse yu dident, cos peepol mite be trying to look for yor grayte blog an not be abol to find ware yu are.

    Yor frend,


    1. Thanks Bob! Sometimes I try to be "friends" with others and it works... and sometimes it doesn't... I think it has a bug... ladybugs maybe?

      And it wouldn't let me add my blog to my profile (grrrr)... finally I put it in my introduction. I know when my Mama set up my account, it didn't like my name and so the blog gods are reviewing it... They said it wasn't a "real" name.. silly people... I'm a real bear with a "real" name!

  3. Glad you like the award! You deserve it, I like your blog :-)! I'm very happy that you became a new friend!