Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Apiarist sends Pics

Sandy has a friend who lives in Winnipeg (the real "flat land"), and this friend is an apiarist... a bee-keeper! Jacques (that's his name) keeps a few dozen hives which produce hundreds of pounds of honey every year. Yesterday, Jacques sent Sandy some pictures of his hives...
The bees are very busy at this time of year... all of those spring flowers need to have their pollen collected!
Look at all of that honeycomb... look at all of that honey! It's enough to make a little bear drool...
Sandy of course loves these pictures... and wants this one to be his desktop for the computer... But then he learned that Mama actually had some honey pots from Jacques!! Oh boy!!
At first Sandy is a bit confused... (1) this is a Dairyland peach yogurt pot (Jacques recycles)... and (2) it doesn't look at all like honey (that's because it's creamed honey - and it keeps longer). A spoon in Sandy's hands and a bit of digging and there it is... oh yum!!
Are there any other bears out there who LOVE honey?? Too bad Sandy can't pack some up and mail it!


  1. I'd wish that you could send things to taste through the internet too! I always want to give my friends some of the things G. And I bake sometimes! But perhaps one day we can do that! Who would have thought that we could do this blogging and internet thing twenty years ago?

  2. I'm not a bear but I love honey in my mint tea. We've got a mint plant in our garden and G. Makes tea with the leaves and honey! The honey you got there looks very delicious!