Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Up is Always Easier...

Today little bear learned a very valuable lesson... one that will hopefully stand him in good stead in the future. He learned that while trees may look very appealing... it is always easier to go up a tree than to come down a tree. Just ask any number of cats!! Mind you, although little bear does live with two feline friends, they are indoor cats, so can't actually advise him on the dangers of tree climbing...

So he had to find out for himself. He was walking along a new trail when he saw this very appealing leaning tree... oh so appealing... It looked so easy to climb... and he'd get such a great view from up there! So off he went... and it was so easy to climb up on his paws and paws (little bear doesn't have hands and knees to climb on).

And then... when he was a good 7 feet off the ground he realized how far he had come... and that he was in a predicament! He wasn't sure that he wanted to go higher... and yet he also realized that going down was going to present some major difficulties! He couldn't really see where to place his paws... he couldn't really navigate all that well... Oh little bear...

So he hung on for dear life and then stuck out his little arm and asked for help! When in doubt... call a friend! Little bear has learned that lesson before - when he gets in a pickle, all he needs to do is call a friend. But he also needs to make sure that a friend is within calling range!

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