Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Trail Less Travelled

Today little bear decided to take a trail that he hasn't taken before. He was a little nervous because... well, he hadn't been down this way before!! But he was also a little excited... he might find all sorts of things! New things... exciting things... mysterious things... adventuresome things!

So off little bear went... looking for adventure behind ever tree and around every corner... except this trail didn't have many corners. It was pretty much a straight trail, with just a few gentle bends and curves. And it wasn't long before little bear came to his first adventure... a very, VERY mucky spot on the trail.

This spot was full of ice and water... to either side of the trail was more mud and hollows which looked suspiciously damp. Oh... little bear should learn to carry a doggie-doo-doo bag tucked inside his little jacket! Little bear inched out onto the ice and heard an ominous crack... uh-oh... too many easter bunny chocolates maybe... he may have gained some weight again!

Little bear inched backwards and decided that, adventuresome as he might be, it was time to stick out his little bear thumb and flag down a lift. Luckily little bear's adventure buddy was wearing muck-proof boots... so little bear was safely carried across the mucky spot... but not without seeing a huge whole in the ice where some other wayfarer had crashed through... whew, that could have been little bear!!

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