Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sing-a-long...(or Hum-a-long)

Well, here we go... little bear is ready to head west (he's been headed more north than west so far). After another look at the map (just to make sure he doesn't head east), little bear is ready for the next leg of the journey.

He climbs back into his navigator's spot... ah yes... little bear wasn't content to just sit in the car seat like other bears... noooo... little bear very quickly decided that if he was going to be navigator, he needed to see the road. After a bit of experimentation, little bear discovered that the double cup holder would serve as a perfect base!

He felt relatively secure in there... and even better, he could see over the dashboard! Ah, little bear... we won't tell him about seatbelts... hopefully no police officer will see his little head sticking up over the dash and pull the vehicle over for a seat belt infraction!

When there wasn't a lot of navigation to do... or the road was boring (which it can be)... little bear engaged in the age-old practice of... "make-the-miles-go-by-quicker-by-singing-along-to-the-music"... Little bear doesn't know all of the words, but hums along very happily to the classic tunes of ABBA!
Little bear hums along to ABBA

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