Thursday, April 19, 2012

Road Trip!

Little bear is going on a road trip! Although he's flown very, very far away (London, England), he's never be on a real road trip. He's pretty excited!! Although he would love to be pilot (driver), little bear realizes that his little legs wouldn't be able to reach the pedals... so he settles for being Navigator (which is an honourable role as well).

Prior to leaving on this road trip, little bear learns that a pre-trip vehicle inspection needs to be done. He's all into that!

The first thing is to check the air in the tires. Little bear helps with that and determines that one tire is low on air, so that will have to get filled up.

The second thing to check is the windshield washer fluid. With a bit of help, little bear takes a look and figures that it's probably good for now, but better to bring a full container along, just in case!

And finally, little bear performs an under-the-body vehicle inspection. He's the perfect height to walk around and check out all of the thingies under the vehicle. Once he gets over how much rust is under there, little bear reports back that everything looks good!

Now, little bear is going to have to prepare himself for the trip... he'd better take a crash course in map-reading.. and figure out how to give directions. Little bear is learning that there's a lot involved in going on a road trip! Plus, little bear still needs to pack!

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