Monday, April 16, 2012

Model Bear

Little bear things he might have what it takes to be a model for the Sears catalogue... He's seen pictures and he knows that the most important thing is to find a suitable background for the clothing that one is modeling. Since he sports a very fetching green down jacket, snow pants, snow boots and an aviator-style hat - he was thinking that an adventurous outdoor locale might be best. And he's also seen pictures of people modelling next to big trees, peering between two large tree trunks, so he thought he'd give it a whirl.
Pouting little bear

He was trying to look "oh-so-casual" while perched four feet off the ground. Hmmm... maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all!

Little bear learned that if wanted a career in modeling, he was going to have to be look nonchalant, cool, calm and collected, even it was -30C outside... When asked to produce a suitable sultry pout for the camera, little bear realized that maybe modelling was not for him...

Ah little bear... he's doing what a lot of us do... searching for a suitable career and running into roadblocks along the way. But it's actually a good thing. At least he's eliminated one possibility from the vast array out there!

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