Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inukshuk Bear

Today little bear was down by the river and came across something new. It's always amazing to little bear how he can explore and explore and always there is something new to see... something new to discover. Today little bear discovered a pile of stones. But not just any pile of stones... this pile was not natural. It was a built-up pile of stones.

Somebody obviously picked up a bunch of rocks and stacked them all together... the pile is kind of broad and fat. Little bear has seen pictures of "inukshuks" on the internet, so he thinks that someone was trying to create one here. But... most of the inukshuk pictures he has seen are pretty sleek and trim, using very few stones. This one is kind of fat and chunky! Little bear knows that "inukshuk" is an Inuit word that means "in the likeness of a human". But little bear thinks this particular inukshuk does not have the likeness of a human at all!

In fact, it looks kind of shapeless... maybe someone had trouble balancing the stones or something... or they just had fun putting a pile of rocks together. Little bear isn't tempted to pile a bunch of rocks together... they look sharp and heavy and he is just a little bear... plus he might get his fetching coat dirty! Little bear will content himself with being an explorer rather than an inukshuk-builder! Little bear knows what he is good at!

Which is a good lesson for us as well. We might admire something - a painting, a drawing, a play... but we don't necessarily need to try to excel at that. We are good at what we are good at... so let's just enjoy being good at that!

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