Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Sign of Spring?

Little bear has been patiently waiting for the first hint of spring. Over the kilometres, whenever there was a rest break, little bear was out of the car and checking out the tree branches.

Does this tree show any hint of spring? Little bear isn't too sure. There are definitely funny little buds at the ends of the branches, but they aren't really doing anything... other than being buds.

And many 100's of kilometres later, little bear is still looking for some hint of spring... the tree buds still aren't doing much!

But now... what is this? What is this green stuff coming out of the ground?? They are almost exactly the same shade of green as little bear's coat! And they are everywhere... oh little bear... he's pretty excited over this... He is so used to the drab browns and greys and tans of winter, that he's not quite sure what to make of this wonderful new colour... And this grass is tender... and smells oh so good!

A little farther along and little bear comes across some big, fat pus... er... bear nose willow! These ones are much bigger than the ones back home in flatland.... plus, there is something different happening with these. They aren't just grey, they are also showing hints of yellow and red.... whoaa!! More colours...

Little bear is very excited... if spring means colours... he's all for that! Christmas was a very colourful time inside... but outside has been so... drab... and little bear just thought that was the way things were. But he's starting to learn that something different is possible. Which is a good lesson for us as well... just because things have been one way for a very long time, doesn't mean things can't be different!

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