Friday, April 13, 2012

Detective Bear

Today little bear was... yes... out for a walk! And today he came across some more poop... and once again he forgot his doggie-doo-doo bags at home. Little bear should tie a string around his finger so he won't forget the baggies... except little bear doesn't have a finger...

Anyhow, this poop was very different than all of the other poop little bear has come across. It was very small (almost little bear sized!)... but there was a tonne of it! Little bear tried to count all of the little pellets but he lost track after 5!

So what could it be??

1. A whole herd of somethings went through here... and they all decided to poop in the same place.
2. A really big something went through and they make a LOT of little pellets...
3. This is the "outhouse" of something...

After closely examining the poop... little bear decided it was probably #2... as all of the pellets were the same size, the same shape, the same texture and the same colour... Probably something that ate a lot of grass, judging by the texture...

From the interpretive signs, little bear knows that the only big grass-eating thing in the area is... a deer! Very well done little bear! Quite the bit of deductive reasoning

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