Monday, April 2, 2012

Big Bones?

Today little bear was out for a walk and came across a massive... thing... for lack of a better word. This "thing" is made up of several large pieces of white material... and little bear thinks it might be the remains of a huge animal - maybe a whale or a dinosaur!

Pieces of the "thing" look like they could be part of a ribcage... And it's big enough that it could belong to something like a whale... or a dinosaur... or maybe an elephant... Little bear isn't sure, but he's pretty excited... until he sees some scribbles on the "thing".

What is this? Scribbles?? The scribbles aren't just meaningless letters this time though... the scribbles actually look like something. They look sort of like a massive fish thing... ohhhh... little bear is a bit stunned... maybe this "thing" is the carcass of an Ogopogo or Loch Ness monster?? It's close to the reservoir... so maybe it's the carcass of a reservoir monster!? Ooooh... little bear could make up a big story about this "thing"... Ooohhh...

Which just goes to show us... sometimes we do the same thing... see something about which we know very little and create a huge story about it... Little bear is very disappointed to learn that the "thing" is just an art sculpture... sigh...

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