Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Bear with a View

Today little bear decided that he didn't really want to go for a walk. He's had quite a few adventures in the last few weeks and today he just felt the need to sit down and be... Which isn't surprising... little bear is a contemplative little bear. If he doesn't take some time to just be... to sit and meditate and contemplate nature... little bear gets pretty grumpy. And you don't want to see little bear when he is grumpy!! He can pout and stew and brood with the best of them...

Anyhow - today little bear thought he would just go and sit above the river and watch the silvered water flowing down from the dam. He's so used to seeing frozen ice on the river, that the sight of flowing water is still a novelty for him. And so he sits and lets the sound of the flowing water calm his nerves. And he lets the softly-blowing wind soothe his soul.

Little bear can feel himself getting more grounded and solid again. He mulls over his adventures of the past few weeks... lets the thoughts come and go... Which is a good example for us as well. Sometimes we can just go and go and go... and we need to take time to stop and just be...

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