Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bear out on a Limb

Today little bear was out for another walk (yes, another one)... he is going to be a very fit little bear soon. Mind you, all of those easter bunnies and easter eggs and easter candies have added a few millimetres to little bear's girth. Of course he doesn't want anyone to know about that... but the foil wrappers tell a tale!

So... little bear was out for a walk and along the side of the trail he saw a bush/shrub with some way up in the branches. A blob of some kind. Little bear stood on the ground and looked up and decided the blog did not look like a piece of deer (thank God)... and so he decided to investigate.

With a bit of grunting and muttering and a few breathless moments where he hung by a twig, little bear managed to make it all the way up the blob. From below, he could see that it was made out of small twigs and grasses. From above, little bear could see a cute little hollow with a few feathers tucked in there as well. A bird nest!! A real bird nest... with no birds, mind you... and no eggs either.

Little bear is going to have to keep an eye on this place and see if any birds appear at some point... Like most of us, little bear has developed a "bucket list"... a list of the things he wants to do before he "kicks the bucket". (He thinks that's not the same thing as kicking the milk can, because he's already done that...) And finding a bird's nest was one of those things on his list... Which only leaves "see a real bear" on his list... which means he's probably going to have to work on his bucket list!

Which is a good lesson for us as well... sometimes we dream too small... what would we really like to do in life, if money weren't an object... if fear was non-existent... what would really be on our bucket list? Maybe it's time to look and see... and add to it...

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