Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bear Lodge

Today little bear was out for a walk in the nature preserve. There are lots of trails in the forest and a river as well! Little bear was pretty excited to be someplace new... and was even more excited when he saw something new and different down by the river.

It was a bit pile of sticks and logs all tucked together... not like a log jam though. This was along the river back and it looked like it had been purposefully built by someone... or something. Little bear went down to have a closer look and ha to walk through a small forest of pointy stumps... hmm... he's seen this sort of thing before and he knows that the pointy stumps are the work of busy beavers.

As he examines the pile of logs and sticks, he notices that they all have pointy ends as well... hmmm... the beavers must have built this thing! Little bear is excited with his deductive reasoning... this is a beaver lodge!! He thought that they were only built in the middle of ponds and lakes and streams, but here is one right along the shore.

Little bear would love to meet a beaver and so he walks around the beaver lodge looking for a door knob or a door bell or even just an opening... nope... nothing. There is no way in to the beaver lodge... at least not one that little bear can use. Apparently beavers have underwater entrances and we already know how little bear feels about water!

This is definitely not a house that little bear would like to inhabit... it's probably all wet and muddy in there too... ick! Little bear would have to wear his doggie doo-doo plastic bag/protective covering to even visit the beavers. Ah well... he can live without that today!

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