Monday, April 23, 2012

Bear in need of a Break...

Little bear knew it was going to happen at some point... he needed a bathroom break... and badly! Now, he's had some bad experiences with locked seasonal outhouses back in flatland... so he wasn't holding his breath about finding an available outhouse up at the top of the world.

But... little bear decided to give it a try. The signs said "Rest Area"... and so he scampered off to the outhouse. If it was locked... well... he had his little doggie-doo-doo bag tucked in his jacket, so he could always hunker down behind the outhouse and clean up after himself!

What a surprise! The outhouse was actually unlocked and open! My goodness... surrounded by 4 feet of snow and not a padlock in sight. Little bear was grateful and pushed open the door before turning back to the camera operator with a very firm "No Cameras"!

Mind you... when he finally did emerge, he looked a little green around the edges (and not just his coat). Outhouses are stinky places!! Even in the wintertime. Poor little bear... he's got a sensitive nose...

(Green bear)

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