Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bear in the Mountains

Little bear isn't too sure about this mountain thing. He only knows the relatively flat, relatively treeless expanses of the prairies. Mountains are something that he has trouble picturing... "Bigger than the buildings in London" doesn't help him much!

Bear of the flatlands
As he heads west, all little bear can see at first is a smudge on the horizon which... could be clouds... could be smoke... could be wishful thinking!

Smudgy clouds/mountains
But as he gets closer, little bear sees jagged mountains with snow and ice and rock! But they don't look all that big at this stage (little bear hasn't quite figured out the the whole distance vs. size thing).

A bit farther and little bear's mouth is hanging open... whoaaa... those mountains are growing by the minute! Little bear hasn't ever seen anything like this before. 
Little bear wants his picture taken with the mountains (of course), just so he can show his friends back home. But now he is a bit worried... how are they going to get through those mountains? They look pretty impenetrable from here...
Little bear learns that there are things called "mountain passes" through which we can drive... But he also learns that mountain passes are usually high up in the mountains which means he will see more snow before he gets to that mysterious thing called "spring"!

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