Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bear Den?

Little bear, as we know, is on the hunt for a place to live. We're not sure why he feels this urge to leave move... but maybe he knows something we don't know! Suffice to say that accompanying little bear on a walk is an exercise in patience. Little bear is continually distracted by potential bear lairs off to the side.

"Oh hey... look at that, let's go check that out!" Sigh, so another exploration of a potential bear den. This time around, little bear found another hollow log. The last one was tilted at an odd angle which meant it would get very wet during a rainstorm. But today, little bear actually found one that was horizontal on the ground.

Little bear scampered over and had a look... It was a hollow log and looked quite deep. Little bear took a few steps inside and realized a few things: (1) he could really only stand up near the opening, (2) it was full of rotten wood (ewww), and (3) there was no front door... which meant no privacy.

Poor little bear... you could feel sorry for him... but he takes it all in good stride at this point. He knows that the perfect bear den is out there somewhere... just waiting for him! All he has to do is be patient... which is a good lesson for us as well (especially when accompanying little bear on a walk!).

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