Sunday, April 22, 2012

At the Top of the World (almost)...

Little bear finds himself going farther and farther into the mountains. And higher and higher up the mountains as well! Curving roads... steep valleys... more snow... less snow... more snow... tonnes of trees... and no sign of civilization! Oohh... little bear now understands all the pre-trip vehicle preparations... you wouldn't want to get a flat tire out here.

The trees are slowly disappearing, getting smaller and more stunted... and the road is climbing and climbing and climbing... the snow is getting deeper and deeper. Either side of the road is now a wall of snow... Little bear's eyes are big and wide... he's never seen this much snow before!

And then... the road flattens off and little bear sees a vista of snow and rock and more snow and rock, with the occasional stunted tree... we are here... at the top of the world (almost). At least that's how it seems to little bear. And off in the distance is the glacier, road impassible due to snow... but little bear wants his picture taken anyhow.

It's cold and windy and little bear topples over a few times in the wind gusts... brrr... maybe little bear needs an extra winter coat for this sort of adventure! But then he sees something else that is very interesting and toddles over for a look.

What is this? Columns of ice hanging off of a very tall snowbank. For all that little bear has experienced a lot of winter... he has never seen icicles before! He's tempted to lick them but is warned that his little tongue could stick to the icicle... nope, not interested in that at all!

Little bear also sees a gargage can (bear-proof of course)... but even if it wasn't bear-proof, he'd still have trouble using it because it is deeply buried in snow. Little bear wonders if we'll ever get to spring... because at this point, we're going back to the depths of winter... not forwards to spring! Patience little bear....

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