Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scared Bear

Today little bear went somewhere very different! This place isn't on the tourist tours. It isn't a well known place. In fact it's a little hard to find and quite a tube ride to reach. Little bear went to a cemetery today! A very old cemetery. A very dilapidated cemetery.

This cemetery does not have pristine grass in between neat rows of headstones. This cemetery doesn't have neat rows of headstones. This cemetery has gone to seed a little bit. The weeds run rampant. The tree roots heave up the graves. Headstones are cracked and damaged, fallen over and broken. There is barely any space to walk between graves. This is a very cramped cemetery!

Land is tight in London and this cemetery has had to use every square inch of space. As little bear wanders around this gloomy place, he's quite clear that he wouldn't want to be wandering around here after dark!!! This could be a very scary place at night. There are weird statues with weird shapes and there is just a scary atmosphere here!

But then little bear saw something that comforted him! It was an angel!! Wow... an angel! He jumped away from the scary graves into the arms of the angel and nestled there for a while. It wasn't a real angel... but then you can't see real angels. Still... for little bear, this was a place of refuge in a scary place. As he sat there, his courage came back, and he realized that there really isn't anything that can hurt him... because ultimately he, like us, is part of the One. Everything comes from the One... stars, planets, trees, mountains, rocks, minerals, plants, oil - anything that is made... comes from the One source. Little bear is comforted by this.

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