Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rescue Bear

Little bear was sauntering along today, minding his own business and whistling a happy tune. Just as he turned a corner he saw... a mouse! A tiny little mouse!! Little bear wasn't sure if he should run or jump or scream! How could something so little be so frightening!! Eeek!

Little bear stood there in shock for a moment while the mouse sat there and looked at him. While they were both distracted by each other, someone else came on the scene and decided that little mouse would make a great plaything! Big black cat (with the shaved belly) batted at little mouse who tried to play dead.

Little bear realized that if something didn't happen soon, little mouse was going to be dead! And maybe eaten, judging by how big black cat was licking her lips! Little bear remembered the mouse from a few months ago who did end up dead! So little bear stepped in, shouldered aside big black cat and gave little mouse a helping hand and a protective shoulder.

I suppose little bear learned that when you're in a pickle, sometimes you need a helping hand. And sometimes you can be the helping hand when others are in a pickle! Little bear made a friend today. And had a serious conversation with big black cat about picking on people her own size!

Little bear could teach us a lot about true friendship. Even though little bear was initially scared of tiny mouse... little bear recognized that he was the only one who could stop the bullying by big black cat... Sometimes it's the same for us...

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