Thursday, February 23, 2012

Perplexed Bear

Today little bear discovered a strange contraption nailed to the trunk of a tree. A metal tin with all sorts of empty sunflower seeds underneath it on the ground. What could it be? Something had obviously been eating the seeds but... what was in the metal tin?

Little bear scrambled up the neighbouring shrub which just barely supported his weight and leaned over and leaned over and... almost fell out of the shrub!!! Whoa!! Little bear hung there for a moment before grabbing hold of the shrub and righting himself. Whew, that was a close call!

For all of his investigation though, all he's really discovered is that there are empty sunflower seeds in the tin as well. Maybe it's a special type of bird feeder? Little bear remembers his earlier encounter with bird seed and decides that is what it must be. He's becoming a very logical little bear and learning from his mistakes. Maybe next time he'll learn not to overbalance when he's climbing a tree!

Little bear is a very curious bear and sees all sorts of things out in the world, things that many of us might just walk by. Maybe it's because he's so small or because everything is so new to him but... he sees the most interesting things in the strangest places. So maybe that's a good lesson for us as well. What would we see if we walked through the world with the eyes of a little bear?

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