Friday, February 17, 2012

Paddington Bear

Today is the day!!! Today little bear went to Paddington Train Station. His goal was to finaly meet his hero, Paddington Bear. Oh boy... Little bear took the Tube and was excited just to get out at Paddington Tube Station and see the sign on the wall! He was so close, he could almost taste it.

The first thing that he saw as he came up the stairs was the little Paddington Bear stall where all things Paddington are sold. It looked very popular and little bear had some trouble getting close enough to see the stall... or to see what was there.

When he finally could see what was there, he was a bit overhwelmed... blue and red Paddington bears in every shape, style and colour! Paddington bear magnets, mugs, stickers, etc etc. Little bear knew that he wanted something from here... something to take home with him. That's what people do... buy souvenirs to take home and little bear is no different! After finally making his choices... which took a while... little bear paid for his purchases and then wandered off to find the Paddington Bear statue... It's around here somewhere...

Hah... found it! There he sits - Paddington Bear looking for someone to take care of him. Little bear poses next to the the statue and is content. He has everything that he needs. He has seen what he came to see... and many other things. He can go home a very contented bear!

Which is a good reminder for us as well. Little bear didn't have big plans for this trip... all he wanted to see was Paddington Bear. Along the way though, he had all sorts of other adventures which have contributed to his development as a little bear.

Which is true for us as well. As we go through life, all sorts of things contribute to our development. They might not have been on our plan or itinerary but... are we open to having them be in our life and seeing what we can learn from them?

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