Monday, February 6, 2012

In the BIG plane

Well, one thing we can say about little bear is this... he remembers the past and makes adjustments in the present. On his first airplane ride, little bear got very airsick... which was no fun. This time around, he decided that he didn't want a repeat. So he did a bit of research and came across... Gravol!

This stuff prevents airsickness and makes one a bit dopey which was perfect as far as little bear was concerned. He was due to arrive at Gatwick at 8 am which meant that he really needed to make sure he got some sleep on the plane otherwise he'd be a little zombie bear in London! After reading the fine print (good thing little bear doesn't need glasses)... he figured how much to take and popped some Gravol.

It didn't take long and little bear was out for the count! Ah well... at least most of the flight was at night, so he didn't miss much!

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