Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eye on London

Today little bear had his eye on the London Eye. Oh boy... that thing looks awfully big and fragile! Who the heck would want to go up in that? Little bear had a look at it from across the river and decided that maybe he was brave enough to give it a whirl. Maybe.

After traipsing across the bridge over to the other side and having an up close view of the London Eye, little bear thought about it some more. Really.. did he really, really, really want to go up in that thing? The view would be amazing... maybe. But it was expensive... as they didn't give discounts for little bears. Plus... after reading the security rules, little bear learned that he was excluded from going on the ride anyhow! What was this? Discrimination?? No... it's just that they don't allow sharp objects on the London Eye... no scissors, no pocket knives, no bear claws (except for donuts).

Poor little bear! After getting himself all psyched up for this adventure he learned that all of that was for nothing. Which just goes to show him... and us... that sometimes we create huge upsets for ourselves and a lot of stress... which is absolutely pointless. Little bear could have saved himself a lot of stress and angst and anguish if he had just waited until he was at the London Eye. Which is a good lesson for us as well! We put oureslves through a lot of stress needlessly... we could learn something from what little bear has learned today!

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