Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eagle-Eyed Little Bear

Today little bear was out for a walk when he saw a strange piece of wood on the fence. It was easy to miss because it wasn't very big, but it was a different colour and it just caught his eye. He wandered on over, climbed up the fence post and had a closer look.

It was a painting on a piece of old board! Look at that!!! Little bear isn't a big artist... but he can appreciate art. After squinting at the painting for a while and tilting his head to the side and looking thoughtful (because that's what you do when you're looking at art)... little bear decided it was a very good painting.

It looked like an post-impressionist interpretation of the river valley below the fence, except in the summertime when all was in bloom and in leaf... not now in the wintertime.

Little bear took a closer look and even saw some little flowers in the painting. Very nice... He hasn't seen flowers yet (at least not live ones), but he's looking forward to that! The artist had even initialed the painting (C.H.). Little bear is going to keep his eyes open from now on (even more than normal) and see if he can find more paintings by this mysterious C.H. That will make the walks even more interesting!

Little bear sees things that we sometimes miss. Which makes me think that we should actually walk through life with little-bear eyes more often. There are probably lessons for us out there. Little bear is impressed that someone used an old board and painted a picture that decorates this tiny little corner of the world. How could we decorate our little corners of the world, or bring beauty where there is none?

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