Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dire Straits

Oh boy... little bear was out for a walk today and even though he had gone to the bathroom before he left the house... all of a sudden he had to go. Like now!!! There was no time to run back home. There was no time to break into an outhouse, even if it was just for humans. No, he had to go... NOW!

So, little bear did what most of us have done at one time or another, he hid behind some piece of nature (tree, bush, or in this case, thick grass) and did his business. Whew!! That was a big relief. But now what?

We already know that little bear is on the Dog Poop Scoop Patrol and the Horse Poop Scoop Patrol, so how is he going to handle this little contravention of the Poop Patrol Bylaws? Is he going to pretend it never happened? Is he going to hope that nobody saw him?

Nope, little bear has come prepared!!! He now carries dog poop baggies in his back pocket and voila, a bit of judicious scooping and... little bear is done! Wow... good for little bear!

He could actually be a lesson for us as well. We've been taught it's OK to poop in the woods as long as you bury it but really... the ground water is going to percolate through there and make it's way to lakes and rivers. Wouldn't it be far better to carry poop scoop bags when we're out in the bush too? Hmm... little bear has given me pause for thought in all of this!

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