Saturday, February 11, 2012

Buckingham Bear

Oh boy... today little bear went to Buckingham Palace! Oh boy!!! So big!! With huge fences and gates... and lots of guards. Mind you... little bear had been steeling himself to see the guards and their uniforms. He had seen pictures of them in their red uniforms with their big, tall, furry... bearskin hats!!! Little bear wasn't sure if he would cry or rage when he saw these people wearing bearskin. Luckily, the guards weren't wearing their full dress uniforms, they were just wearing grey uniforms with regular caps. Little bear heaved a sigh of relief... all that worry for nothing.

Mind you... he is toying with the idea of writing a letter to Kate and expressing his displeasure that in this day and age, people still see fit to wear animal skins! If they were sealskin hats or fox fur hats or mink hats, you can be sure there would be an outburst. But no... they are "just" bear skin hats, so no one makes a fuss or anything! Little bear knows that they come from Canadian brown bears, so as a Canadian little bear, he feels he should speak up and say something. It seems like Kate would be more sympathetic to the plight of the bears than William... You never know unless you try!

Little bear is quite a crusader... but he could easily spread himself too thin with all of his crusades! Poop patrol... litter patrol... save the bears... He's going to be a busy little bear! Maybe he should just pick one campaign for now... that might be a good lesson for us too. Not to spread ourselves too thin... and see where we can focus our attention for good effect.

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