Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birder Bear

Today little bear came across another mysterious object tucked up against a fence post. What could it be? It had a tiny hole in it and the top was a little movable. Little bear peered through the hole and saw an accumulation of grass and fluff.

A bird house! Little bear had never come across one before  but he figured it out pretty quickly. He had seen little birds from afar so it didn't take long to figure out what this was. Little bear decided to perch on top of the of the house and see if any birds came by for a visit.

Little bear sat there and sat there but no birds came by. Hmmm... maybe they were put off by the fact that there was a bear lurking around their house! Little bear is going to have to learn that if you want to see some shy denizens of the bush, you have to give them a bit of space!

Which is a good lesson for us as well. Sometimes we just need to give people space to be who they are and to come and go in their own good time. It doesn't do any good to hang around and hover and bother people...

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