Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bear Rescue

Well, little bear has had some time to think about his predicament! He's explored the depths of the milk can and hasn't found anything of use. No rappelling hook or rope in here. No cell phone to call for help. No secret stash of food.

So little bear falls back on the oldest method... and calls for help! And out of the blue... two helpers appear! His friends from a few days ago have heard his cries and have come to help little bear. Climbing up on the milk can, both friends peer in at little bear and after a bit of conversation and some ingenuity, haul little bear out of his dungeon.

Little bear has a lesson to share with us. Don't fall into milk cans! And... when you're in a pickle, and you can't think of how to get out of it... it might be time to just ask for help. You never know what might show up!

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