Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Bear House

Having come across bird houses, little bear wonders if maybe he needs a house of his own? If little birds have houses of their own, maybe it's time he moved out on his own too? Mind you, little bear hasn't seen a lot of likely looking houses for little bears!

Today though, he came across something that looked very interesting. Some colourful boxes set up near the road - perfect for a little bear! Mind you, two of them were locked and needed some money to open up, so little bear figured those were little bear hotels/motels. Pay as you go type of thing.

But there were also a couple that were free! With a bit of help, little bear had a look inside a couple of them. Hmmm... nice colour - windows were a bit dirty though. Not much in the way of insulation and no furniture at all!

And little bear quickly realized that once he was inside one of them, he couldn't get himself out! The door was hinged at the bottom and his little bear strength wasn't enough to open the door. Nor could he get a really good angle on it. Probably not a good idea for a little bear house!

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