Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bear at the Tower

Today little bear went to visit the Tower of London. He had heard a lot about this majestic castle/fortress. It's been around since Roman times! In one form or another. And it looks a bit like that too - with all sorts of different walls and towers and inner keeps. Little bear did a circuit of the Tower and then snuck into the Tower by tucking himself deep into a backpack. "No sharp" objects weren't going to stop him this time!

Little bear wandered around the Tower but there were a tonne of tourists there and he had trouble seeing things through all of their long legs! He nearly got stepped on a few times! People don't keep their eyes on their feet or keep an eye out for little bears!

Little bear desperately wanted to see the Crown Jewels and they were very fascinating. But the moving conveyor belt meant he couldn't stop to gaze at them very long. And the "no cameras" meant that he couldn't even take a picture of them! No proof that he actually was there! Ah well... little bear is happy to have just been there.

Little bear even heard about the legend that there is a bear ghost running around the Tower! Although he peaked in all sorts of nooks and crannies, he didn't find a bear ghost anywhere. It's probably the ghost of one of those bearskin bears!

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